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Mohamad Awad is a  Senior Scientific Researcher in the National Center for Remote Sensing which belongs to the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research. In addition, he teaches in the Lebanese University Computer Science Courses. He is an expert  in Remote Sensing, Image processing, and GIS.

Mohamad has been working in the computer science area for more than 21 years he has strong and long experience in teaching and in using advanced technologies in computer science and other scientific disciplines.

  Dr. Awad has many refereed published researches in different domains and disciplines (GIS, Remote Sensing, Computer Science, Geosciences…etc). His current subject of research is multi-component image segmentation and fusion. In addition to his research activities he teaches in many known national private and public universities such as the Lebanese University. Finally, Dr. Awad is a reviewer for many well known scientific journals and conferences.



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